I can thoroughly recommend Maggie. She is an extremely competent, patient teacher and has helped me enormously with back and hip problems related to my osteoporosis. As a result I have not just increased my flexibility and general physical well-being but reduced the level of discomfort and pain in my lower back due to her carefully tailored and clearly explained postures.
After a session with Maggie I always feel more relaxed, balanced and positive in both body and mind. Thank you Maggie for your invaluable assistance and encouragement.

Sue C

I have MS and Maggie has adapted exercises for me to do within the class. I have done yoga for many years and am still stretching and it is helping me maintain my posture. I enjoy my weekly class and the banter.

Isobel S

A session of Oasis Yoga provides an immediate relief from my general daily tension, both physically & mentally. The more I learn, the more I want.

Mike Harrower

I would say that this is a great class - I have tried various different teachers, but really enjoy this class. It is friendly and not intimidating, I like the physical element to the class and the progression of moves balanced with the relaxation.
The teaching is thorough and I feel the class sizes enable each member to be monitored and helped to achieve the correct positions - this is done with humour and sensitivity. I really valued being able to work on my back particularly one week when I had asked about what specific moves might help with a problem I was having.
I always notice when I miss a session and always feel so much better in terms of flexibility and mental calm after attending.
I love it!!

Anna Shepherd

I have been doing Yoga now for 5 years and it is one of the very few activities I have been able to persevere at rather than deciding I am too lazy to go, or stopped enjoying it or can't be bothered as so often happens when exercise is involved.
It is certainly something anybody can do and as a result I am much more flexible, my posture has improved and I no longer suffer from lower back pain.
Maggie's yoga class is very relaxing and steady and everybody is very nice and welcoming. We all encourage each other and we all have various degrees of flexibility.

Julie White

I started yoga 5 years ago to keep my partner, Julie, company. I immediately found it to be beneficial to my general well being. More importantly, the improvement in my suppleness made a difference to my golf swing and added about 30 yards to my drive. I now use yoga exercises as a warm-up before playing golf.

Jim Crombie

Yoga is great to keep you feeling and looking youthful- stretches and tightens! The class is just right for me - not a beginner level but not too tough!

Sandra Sutherland

I booked Maggie for 6 private yoga classes to develop a personal programme suited to me and to help relieve my own quirky aches and pains.

I'd recommend Maggie's Yoga classes to everyone because stretching your muscles is good for you, especially if you're a runner or mountain biker as these sports tend to shorten your calf muscles/hamstrings. If like me you have a busy life which makes fitting in another class difficult then I'd recommend a personal programme. I really appreciate having a routine of stretches tailored to healing myself. Having seen the benefits my husband is now embarking on a similar programme, and whilst fitting the sessions isn't easy, Maggie doesn't seem to mind and we simply diary in a date when we can.

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